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Italy Serie ATomori from Chelsea to AC Milan

Tomori from Chelsea to AC Milan

Fikayo Tomori‘s performance in Searia A has outshined and has proven a gem to AC Milan. He loaned to Chelsea in January 2021 but has now been considered to be bought and some of the fans also started crowdfunding so that he can be bought and made permanent. Finally, AC Milan didn’t have to seek help and bought the center-back in the summer for $28m.

England has sincere regret now that they didn’t show worth to the player after Stamford Bridge. Many seem to see him being the regular alongside the likes of Reece James and Mason Mount. After receiving a warm reception, returned to Stamford Bridge with AC Milan on Wednesday against Chelsea. Tomori is also keen to showcase his best form after 18 months as he has developed into a better player since then.

Gary Lineker also considered saying that there’s a player called Tomori who has done wonders in the national league at AC Milan. The Italian top flight doesn’t look like strong economically but they remain on the top of the game if spoken about tactical excellence. Tomori did grow to become a better player under Stefano Pioli. He admitted playing in Premier League that intensity is pretty high. There was no other platform to prove to England’s supporters after his performance at Stamford Bridge.

He has taken inspiration from the defender Maldini and admits to having learned a lot of things from him. Tomori says he was starstruck when he first met Maldini. Adding further, Maldini is at every game and on the field training every day. I want to impress Maldini and I will do it with my game, as there’s a lot of pressure on me when he is around.”

Life at England was pretty fast with how things move however here I’m comfortable he said. The language was also a barrier however he is seen offering interviews in Italy. Tomori feels good to be in Italy and prefers his stay for a long time. As he doesn’t have to prove his worth in Italy, he signed a new 5 years contract for Pioli’s team. After the match on Wednesday, he needs to keep the same form to perform even for his dreams of the World Cup.

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