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Coronavirus has kept the media busy that they did not focus on the images released by Pentagon

The presence of alien life may be verified by videos newly released by the United States Government claims Jozy Altidore.

Last week the Pentagon disclosed three images caught on U.S. infrared cameras. Unexplained “aerial anomalies” were ostensibly displayed by Navy jets.

They displayed unseen airborne vehicles recorded in 2004 and 2015 during training trips, traveling so rapidly that they amazed the pilots who followed them.

Toronto FC star Altidore has not sneaked into the story, But due to the coronavirus pandemic, the announcement did not gain much interest as the pandemic appears to keep the media busy all over the globe.

The U.S. men’s forward national team was disappointed to see the media ignoring potential alien proof, as they did their best to assist the tale by posting messages from media sources.

The American told Vice Sports “That’s insane. I don’t believe nobody pays that much attention to this.”. 

“The U.S. government just dumped this news on us and nobody heard it. This reflects how insane these times are. They just said they have UFOs circling about so nobody is involved because of the coronavirus.”

Altidore thinks they might suggest anything out there as The videos do not confirm we have been visited by aliens.

“I don’t know what to talk about now, but those videos seem to prove that something is here,” he said.

“Therefore, not all fighter pilots should have created those recordings. It’s very, really obvious, otherwise, there wouldn’t be any photos.”

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