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Other StoriesWhy Arsenal is called 'The Gunners'

Why Arsenal is called ‘The Gunners’

Club nicknames have been in football history for a very long time and this is what fans liked calling their favorite teams. Arsenal goes by the nickname “Gunners” and they also have their badge portraying a cannon. Since then “Gunners” became the sole identity for Arsenal. Let’s dive and find out why they are called so.

Why Gunners?

Club Arsenal has a history of origins as this reference was formed by workers in the Royal Arsenal armament factory in Woolwich. Arsenal back then produced arms munitions also weapons like small arms and artillery including explosives. Early iterations of the badge of Arsenal club had the words ‘The Gunners’ and have been famous since then. The cannons that we see in their badge today route back to the original crest of Arsenal, it also featured the coat of arms of the Woolwich borough. Arsenal moved from Woolwich to Highbury in the year 1913 and since then they carried their iconography and name.
Why a Cannon in the badge?

Cannon on the badge of Arsenal Club shows the visuals of the foundational years of the north London outfit. The workers at the Royal Arsenal armament factory founded the club in the late 19th century hence showcasing their name and heritage. Many alterations have been made to the badge since then. Earlier the inspiration came from the coat of arms of the Metropolitan Borough of Woolwich which portrays three vertical cannons and a lion’s head below it. Since they moved to Highbury, their badge changed with a new design on official correspondence. A horizontal cannon that faces westward was commonly used back in the year the 1920s. The newer design of the Arsenal badging derives from the Royal Arsenal Gatehouse. After 2022, an eastward-facing cannon was unveiled.
Other nicknames for Arsenal?

Club Arsenal is also sometimes referred to as ‘The Gooners’ that’s a play on the original name. In essence, ‘The Gooners’ is also understood as ‘The Gunners’ which is rooted in hooliganism. Back in the year the 1970s and 80s, they were also framed as gangs of violent supporters and it was pretty common in British Football. However, the nicknames don’t share the same form of violence anymore. Rivals also used to call Club Arsenal the ‘Boring Arsenal’ or ‘Same old Arsenal’ also chanting “Same old Arsenal, Always Cheating”

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