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The Top 10 Best Football Skills

Millions of fans and followers worldwide enjoy football, also known as the beautiful game. It is possible, however, to become famous around the world with Football skills.

Great saves, big tackles, tactical expertise, and great goals make it so exciting in the sport.

Tricks have become a more significant part of the game now than ever.

Using tricks can help players advance their team’s progress up the field by getting past their opponents.

They’re also used to humiliate the opposition or for sheer entertainment purposes.

Whatever trick is used, they certainly add some spice to the game.

Keeping this in mind, let’s look at some of the most remarkable skills in football history.

The McGeady Spin:

The McGeady Spin is a legacy of the talents of Aiden McGeady, who split those supports in his time at various clubs in his achievements & ability.

Yet, no one can deny his talent, and The McGeady Spin is a clear example of his skill in practice that amazes all.

The move involved when up to two opposition players tackled the attacker.
He would deceive the opposition players by playing the ball off one foot and the next.
The Top 10 Best Football Skills
And then he turned the whole move inside out and spun round.
He will leave the defenders for dead and light up any game.
The Puskas ‘V’ Move:

Ferenc Puskas was a Hungarian forward who played for Spanish giants Real Madrid, amongst others, and his goalscoring record put him up with the best.

The Top 10 Best Football Skills

Puskas’ famous trick came in 1953 when playing for Hungary.

The forward receives the ball on the edge of the six-yard box and, instead of shooting, opts to drag the ball back—fooling the sliding defender—and move in a different direction in one fluid movement.

Messi’s feint:

Leo Messi is not as skilled or tricky a player as his fellow footballers.

The Top 10 Best Football Skills

Nevertheless, Messi’s feint is enough to beat any defenders combine with his stellar dribbling.

The Ronaldo Chop:

Cristiano Ronaldo is full of skills and tricks and is undoubtedly one of the greatest players to ever grace the game—his recent exploits in Portugal’s astonishing 3-2 win over Sweden, in which he scored a hat-trick, are proof of that.

The Top 10 Best Football Skills

Ronaldo’s favourite and most successful trick is “the Ronaldo chop.”

When facing a player from the opposition, the Real Madrid man often attacks him at pace, using the inside of either foot to move the ball inside the standing leg and at such an angle that it takes him in a different direction.

IL Cucchiaio:

Francesco Totti was born in 1976, the same year that Antonin Panenka made headlines with his cheeky penalty.
Perhaps that’s why Totti scored so many panenkas during his career.
The Roma legend didn’t just wait for spot kicks to pull out the dink.
The Top 10 Best Football Skills
He loved chip shots so much that the Cucchiaio, which means spoon in Italian, became his signature move.
Sometimes Totti used it when he was one-on-one with the keeper keepers, often crouched down low in those situations.
So Totti would just dink the ball over them. His most impressive Cucchiaio, as it were, from further out Totti’s goal against Empoli in 2003 came from the edge of the box.
Another time he pulled out his spoon from 30 yards.

Thierry Henry’s Fake Pass:

Henry could do everything; he scored goals and created them.
He beat defenders with pace and with trickery.
The Arsenal legend is arguably the greatest player in premier league history.
Henry wasn’t a show pony. Most of what he did was highly effective, but sometimes he liked to have fun on the pitch.
His signature fake pass was the best example of this henry didn’t pull the move out too often.
The Top 10 Best Football Skills
It’s a bit of a gimmick, and his managers wouldn’t have appreciated him doing it when his team was losing or drawing.
Still, when the time was right, angry bamboozled opponents, teammates and supporters with the fake pass shaping to kick the ball with his right foot, henry would instead nudge it in the other direction with his left. It was like a magic trick.

The Panenka:

One of the cockiest or most skilful ways of beating a goalkeeper from the penalty spot.

“The Panenka” sees a player calmly chip the ball down the centre of the goal.

Whilst the goalkeeper dives either one way or the other.

The Top 10 Best Football Skills

As reported on FIFA’s official website, “the Panenka” first came about in the final of the 1976 European Championships.

Antonin Panenka stepped up with a chance to score the winning penalty for Czechoslovakia against Germany. Facing German custodian Sepp Maier, Panenka simply lofted the ball down the centre of the goal and past the keeper.

Following the win, Panenka admitted, per FIFA:

“I suspect that he doesn’t like the sound of my name too much.

I never wished to make him look ridiculous.

“On the contrary, I chose the penalty because I saw and realised it was the easiest and simplest recipe for scoring a goal.

“It is a simple recipe.”

Neymar’s heel Drag back:

The Top 10 Best Football Skills

Neymar has a repertoire of football skills. However, Fans always love his heel drag back, which is simple but elegant.

Yannick Bolasie Flick:

Bolasie isn’t on the same level as some players, but his signature move involves just as much skill as Ronaldinho’s elastico or Zidane’s roulette.

But Bolasie played the best football of his career at crystal palace.

He was an off-the-cuff entertainer the only predictable thing about him was that he’d always do something unpredictable.

The Top 10 Best Football Skills

His most jaw-dropping moment came against the spurs in 2014, pending on the touchline with nowhere to go.

Still, Bolasie rolled his studs over the ball with his right foot, then with his left, before flicking it up with his right again. Christian Eriksen didn’t know what had just happened to him.

The Bolasie flick soon appeared on FIFA as el tornado.

Bolasie wasn’t happy he thought it should be named after its inventor.

The Step-Over:

One of the most simple yet effective tricks in football.

“The step-over” can create a play space to pass, cross or shoot if done correctly.

Many players have used it throughout football history.

Chris Waddle, Zinedine Zidane and Cristiano Ronaldo, to name a few.

But it considers that Dutch footballer Law Adam was the first to perfect the trick.

The Top 10 Best Football Skills

And if we are talking about step-over, not speaking about Luis Ronaldo will be sacrilege.

Luis Ronaldo was so good with step-over that he used to beat the goalkeepers and scored the goal.

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