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EPL English Premier LeagueEPL Transfer News"The more money I got, the more drugs I needed.” - Flavio...

“The more money I got, the more drugs I needed.” – Flavio Donizetti

To support his habit of cocaine addiction, he sold his most prized property, disclosed former Sao Paulo defender Flavio Donizetti.

When Sao Paulo won the Paulista State Championship and the Copa Libertadores before lifting the Club World Cup over Liverpool in 2005, he was a bit part of it.

To feed an addiction that ruined a promising career, he sacrificed his medal commemorating the victory.

He clarified to Globoesporte, “I sold it to purchase drugs. I got 7,000 reais (around £2,875/$3,500) for it.”

“When I sold it, the money arrived and I spent nearly half of it on cocaine. 1,000 reais of cocaine were shipped first. I used it in two days. The more money I got, the more drugs I needed.”

“I missed everything else after getting acquainted with cocaine. I started losing all that I had before cocaine became more important in my life. I used to purchase drugs for all money I had. I wouldn’t have let myself be drug-free. I have had to take cocaine in the morning, afternoon, and evening.”

“I began losing all money in my wallet, my possessions. I lost everything except my wife, daughters, and relatives who are still with me even today.”

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