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EPL English Premier LeagueEPL Transfer NewsRivaldo: “Chelsea are the favorites to sign Coutinho”

Rivaldo: “Chelsea are the favorites to sign Coutinho”

There’s no assurance that  Philippe Coutinho will be on the move in the next transfer window, says Rivaldo. Chelsea should not have been turned off from Philippe Coutinho regarding the Brazilian’s latest injury problems.

For some time the speculation of the 27-year old’s future has been increasing, with many at Camp Nou intending to look forward to passing him forward at the next moment

Explaining to Betfair, Rivaldo claims the support should be held, “Chelsea are the favorites to sign Coutinho and I don’t think his latest accident would scare them off. Next season is already very distant, after all, so he’ll have enough time to heal entirely.”

“On the other side, if the deal will not go forward and he remains in Barcelona, maybe a salary cut, depending on the player’s choice, might gain plaudits from the board of the club and maybe make him demonstrate that he is willing to remain in the club and prove his value at last.”

“Sure, there are certain teams who are now lowering the wages of their players owing to the coronavirus outbreak, but if the team makes a move further in this that will be viewed as the behavior of someone involved in remaining at the club itself. Lots might change until next season, so we can just wait for this story’s next chapters.”

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