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Luis Suarez broke down in a farewell press conference

Luis Suarez broke down in a farewell press conference

In an unusual transfer, after terminating contract with Barcelona Luis Suarez (34) became the new Atletico Madrid player, he comes as a free agent, ​​but Atletico will still pay Barca around six million euros through various bonuses. The Uruguayan signed a two-year contract with a salary of nine million euros per season.

Barcelona said goodbye to him at a press conference where he broke down completely.

“It’s been crazy for the last month. Things have leaked, some were made up … It makes you angry and you get angry, but you have to try to stay away from everything. I have to enjoy this phase, be grateful to Barcelona for all the moments I’ve experienced. I dreamed that I will play for Barcelona. I thought it was only possible on the PlayStation, but I managed to make my dream come true. Barcelona is my home. “

When he described what it was like for him to play in Barcelona he cried in part. He let out a tear and lowered his head.

“These are difficult times for me. The phase I am very proud of is coming to an end. I have made some great friendships here and it makes me happy. Coming here was a dream come true. I never imagined I would reach these numbers, you must always be the best you can be here “I am proud and happy at the age of six, that my children see me playing with amazing players, lifting trophies … I will always remember that. Thank you very much to the fans for supporting me, I will never forget that.”

He also thanked Barcelona for its great support when the football world condemned him.

“I didn’t prepare for today’s speech. I just have to thank the club for buying me after the World Cup incident,” Suarez said, alluding to Giorgio Chiellini’s bite at the 2014 World Cup match in Brazil.

“I didn’t think I would say goodbye to Barcelona like this. I really didn’t. I knew that this moment would come someday, but I wasn’t ready for it. I lived through moments here that I will never forget,” he said, adding:

“Even though I knew the coach didn’t want me, I trained with the team because it was hard to say goodbye. I still think I can play at a top-level. That’s why I chose Atlético because I think I’ll do a good job in La Liga.”

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