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Lionel Messi supports English football on social media boycott

Lionel Messi supports English football on social media boycott


Lionel Messi supports English football on social media boycott

Superstar striker Lionel Messi support English football using his internet media platform of 200 million followers to demand action against online misconduct. The Barcelona forward posted the message on Saturday when the England Football League, clubs and players launched a four-day boycott of the internet media against online racial harassment and discrimination.

Messi did not remain silent during this period, rather used Instagram to support English football sending a hug and congratulations. “Big hug to all and congratulations to all the football people in the United Kingdom for their idea of ​​putting together the campaign against abuse and discrimination in networks.”

He toasted all the people associated with Britain’s football through Instagram for campaigning against misbehavior and discrimination on the internet media. Messi asked his followers in Spanish to “give importance to the PEOPLE that are behind each profile, so that we all realize that behind each account is a person in flesh and blood, who laughs, cries, enjoys life and suffers. Nobody deserves to be insulted.”

“We are seeing, and living with, abuse that is growing and becoming worse on social media and nobody is doing anything to stop it. We must strongly condemn these hostile attitudes and demand that the companies that run these networks take action against this behavior.”

“I would like you, the 200 million people who follow me, to become the 200 million reasons that exist to make the networks a safe and respectful place, where we can share what we want without fear of being insulted,” he wrote.

Messi further asked Facebook, Twitter, and other Internet media companies to put more effort. UEFA and FIFA have also confirmed their participation in the boycott social media initiative. The boycott which sharted on Friday afternoon will end today in order to stop discriminatory and offensive abuse on social media.

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