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Deeney: I receive one in 10 racist emoji on Instagram


Deeney: I receive one in 10 racist emoji on Instagram

Watford captain Troy Deeney denounced the social network’s policy regarding racial discrimination.

“Do these companies even want to change something? Do they want to put an end to the insults? If a well-known black player such as Raheem Sterling is subjected to racist insults, then all this quickly accumulates, helps to grow traffic, increases profits and advertising attractiveness of companies,” Deeney told The Sun

“If I look through my comments on Instagram, one in 10 will be with a racist emoji, and this is not uncommon. Then I follow the protocol: block the user, mark the message as

language and symbols of hatred.” And then they tell me that an emoji with a monkey and a banana is not considered racism.”

“I complained that I was called “black c**t”, and I was told it wasn’t hate language either. Social networks need to change their algorithms in order to respond to obviously racist messages – but do social networks even want this?”

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