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Agnelli talks about the changing format of the UEFA Champions League


Agnelli talks about the changing format of the UEFA Champions League

Andrea Agnelli, the head of the European Clubs Association, has shared his views about changing the format of the Champions League.

“If we have clubs that will make individual commitments for future competitions, they will have to make individual commitments and if that is the case, it will effectively end [the Super League]. I really hope it will be done in the next couple of weeks. There are a few details left to sort out regarding eligibility for the tournament,” Agnelli said to The Times.

“If we have four extra places, we need to decide how they will be distributed – a certain balance between places for champions and places for successful teams in European competitions, that’s where the balance could lie.”

“We could think about a dual transfer system, whereby clubs claiming a certain position in international competitions would not be allowed to buy players from each other, which would actually improve indirect solidarity with other clubs.”

“So no triple-digit [million] transfers among Champions League clubs. Maybe they will target the champion players of smaller countries and buy players there. Those are the points we are discussing.”

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