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Other StoriesMorocco asks Adidas to take away Algeria's Jersey

Morocco asks Adidas to take away Algeria’s Jersey

Adidas introduced the Moroccon Culture into the new collection for Algeria’s national football team, Morocco accused Adidas that they should remove the collection. The Government of Morocco has called Adidas the German sports company to remove the new collection of football jerseys away from the market as this was for Algeria’s national football team. They say that this new collection of the jersey is appropriating the Moroccon Cultural Heritage.

Morocco’s Ministry of Youth, Culture, and Communication said in a report this week that the design used on the football jerseys of the rival North African team actually portrays the traditional mosaic of colorful earthenware tiles and this is known in Morocco as Zellige. They also added, “It is cultural appropriation and you are stealing away the form of traditional Moroccon Cultural Heritage” this is what the ministry has to say in the report.

There was a letter sent to CEO Kasper Rorsted by the Moroccon Ministry that they will need to remove the new collection of jerseys from the market or they will be releasing a statement “to identify the zellige art of Morocco as an inspiration”. There were threatening statements to bring the case “before organizations relating to the protection of the heritage and copyrights”, which also includes the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).

North Africa and Andalusia, autonomous regions of Spain also present and practice the Zellige art and craftwork. A lawyer for the Moroccan government also informed the associated press that he was instructed by the culture ministry of Morocco to send in a “Legal Warning” to Adidas. The previous week, Adidas showcased the new design for the football jersey on their Instagram account for the Middle East and North Africa accounts that these new designs are inspired by the architectural design of the iconic El Mechouar Palace which is in the northern Algerian City of Tlemcen.

Lately, the relations between Morocco and Algeria have been tense over the western Sahara, this is the same territory that was annexed by Morocco in the year 1975. Sahrawis on the other hand from the Algeria-backed Polisario Front have already sought independence for the region for decades ago.

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Salman Shaikh
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