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EPL English Premier LeagueEPL Transfer NewsMan City defender was harassed on violating lockdown policy

Man City defender was harassed on violating lockdown policy

Kyle Walker was “harassed” after he disclosed that he had broken the lockdown rule to meet his sister and father.

When the media rumored that kyle held a party at his home during the lockdown, the City defender was enforced to ask forgiveness.

But Walker did not stay quiet and gave a hitting reply on the latest stories, maintaining that he is being threatened and that the continuing scandal is impacting the wellbeing of himself and his family.

Walker took over to Twitter and tweeted: “I feel as though I have stayed silent for long enough.”

“In light of the most recent article published about me and my family, I feel as though I have no choice but to address things publicly.”

“I have recently gone through one of the toughest periods of my life, which I take full responsibility for.”

“However, I now feel as though I am being harassed.”

“This is no longer solely affecting me, but affecting the health of my family and my young children too.”

Walker admitted again that he had broken coronavirus laws by visiting Sheffield to see his sister and his father – for which he could be charged and warned by the police.

“In relation to the events on Wednesday, I traveled to Sheffield to give my sister a birthday card and present, but also to speak to one of the few people I believe I can trust in my life,” he said.

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