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Simeone affirm to not shake Klopp’s hand

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Simeone affirm to not shake Klopp’s hand

Simeone affirm to not shake Klopp’s hand

Diego Simeone has stated after Atletico Madrid’s match against Liverpool that he will not shake Jurgen Klopp’s hand because he believes the gesture is ‘fake.’ The Argentine avoided the post-game chitchat in their most recent Champions League match two weeks ago, by dashing straight down the Wanda Metropolitano tunnel, which left Klopp perplexed.

After that match, Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp downplayed any ill blood between the two, and Simeone explained why he is so hesitant to shake hands with his opposing number in a pre-match press conference ahead of the rematch. “I don’t like the greeting after the match because they are the emotions of two sides in different emotional minds,” he said according to the Eurosport.

“I know in the UK it is a custom and a sign of respect but I don’t share it and I don’t like the falseness it may include so I behave how I feel. I don’t know Klopp as a person very well but I know he is a great coach who has done great work at every club he has been at.”

On the other hand, Simeone claims he is not seeking vengeance and is merely looking forward to a ‘wonderful match.’ “It’s two great stadiums with two great sets of supporters with two clubs who want to continue growing globally so I think it is normal to be considered a great match,” he said.

“It isn’t about getting back at someone, in football, it doesn’t exist. There’s no sense of ‘Let’s get back at them’. It’s a new match and whatever result tomorrow will be the consequences of that match and not the match which happened a year ago – even if the match a year ago will stay in the memories of the Atletico Madrid fans.”

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