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Premier League clubs to discuss matches amid Covid havoc

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Premier League clubs to discuss matches amid Covid havoc

Premier League clubs to discuss matches amid Covid havoc

Premier League clubs are expected to meet on Monday to discuss whether the competition should continue or take a break after the weekend, which saw six of the 10 matches scheduled to be postponed due to the Covid-19 outbreak. Saturday’s football match between Burnley and Aston Villa was the last to be hit by the coronavirus and was canceled just two and a half hours before the scheduled start after other cases of the virus between the visiting team.

“After reviewing all new information provided by Aston Villa this morning and receiving separate medical advice, the Board approved the request due to the fact that the club does not have enough players to prepare the team. This decision was based on the Covid-19 number,” a Premier League statement said.

Matches between Manchester United and Brighton, Southampton and Brentford, Watford and Crystal Palace, West Ham and Norwich, and Everton and Leicester were previously sidelined due to the outbreak at various clubs. Meanwhile, matches between Newcastle United and Manchester City, Wolves and Chelsea, as well as Tottenham and Liverpool are still scheduled for Sunday, although Liverpool and Chelsea are also reporting cases of Covid-19.

“The Board will assess requests for postponement of matches on a case-by-case basis based on the existing rules and the COVID-19 postponement guidelines issued to all clubs. It will assess a number of factors, including a club’s ability to build a team; the status, severity and potential impact of the COVID-19 outbreak in the club; and the ability for players to dress up and play safely. The governing body must also take into account the wider risks to the opposition and others who may come into contact with club representatives,” the Premier League said.

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