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Pep Guardiola on COVID-19: don’t blame players

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Pep Guardiola on COVID-19: don’t blame players

Premier League players had their goal celebrations under the spotlight this week, but Pep Guardiola defended “emotion” in the game.

Pep Guardiola does not want Premier League footballers to become scapegoats for the UK’s current coronavirus crisis.

This week reminding players to abide by COVID-19 guidelines while celebrating goals, the league and the Professional Footballers’ Association have also released directives.

“We want to follow the protocols, I understand how sensitive everything is. I don’t think the problem, in the UK now, is because of the players,” said the former Barcelona boss, who lost his mother to coronavirus last year.

“We can do as much as we can, as best as possible. When someone breaks the rules, like sometimes happens, it’s not good.”

“All the clubs have been clear. We know about the situation. Hopefully, we cannot score a lot of goals, we can be careful like in the beginning not to hug much but sometimes it’s difficult – if you lose the emotion it’s difficult.”

“On the other side, I understand. A lot of businesses cannot do their jobs, they are closing. We are fortunate we can play football and do our job”

“All the clubs, all the manager, doctors, all the clubs in Premier League, Champions League, Championship, League One and League Two, want to follow the rules. We are concerned about how difficult and how important the situation is in the UK. A lot of people are dying, unfortunately, and are infected every day.”

“We are going to do our best to follow the new rules. The government and scientists inform us what to do.”

“But, please, the situation in the UK is not because of the football players. Don’t blame absolute responsibility on the players. It is a pandemic situation all around the world.”

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