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Gianni Infantino: ESL clubs must live with the consequences

Gianni Infantino: ESL clubs must live with the consequences

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Gianni Infantino: ESL clubs must live with the consequences

FIFA President Gianni Infantino on Tuesday strongly condemned the ESL, telling clubs – the name of football’s “Dozen” – that it was included in the proposed flight that they “must live with the results”.

Sunday’s ESL announcement attracted widespread criticism from fans, players, and even politicians that the new competition would break the heart of football as we know it today. The league will eventually consist of 20 teams and will be ruled by the founding clubs. There will be no promotion or charge from the league, with only five qualifiers available each year.

Speaking at the UEFA Congress, Infantino said that the governing body of world football “strongly disapproved” of the new league and urged clubs to think carefully about their next move. “There’s a lot to throw away for short-term financial gain,” said FIFA president.

“They have to reflect and take responsibility. They not only need to think about their shareholders, which are certainly important, but they also need to think about all people. All the fans, all those who have contributed to the making of today’s European football. What are European football clubs today. “

The Swiss stopped confirming whether players participating in the proposed competition would be banned from the FIFA World Cup competition but suggested that they would have consequences.

“If some choose to go their own way, they have to live with the results of their choice,” said Infantino, who was UEFA general secretary between 2009 and 2016. “They are responsible for their choice, especially, it means, whether you are outside or you are out. You can’t be half out, half out. “

The new structure would put an end to competition at the highest level and make it nearly impossible for smaller teams to enter Europe’s elite, destroying the game’s long-running ethos.

Gianni Infantino asked 12 separatist clubs of ESL to “pay respect” to European football and its long history. “It’s the magic of football, seeing this connection from bottom to top and the success at the top”. “I have worked hard and invested a large part of my life to defend the principles and values ​​that have made European football a success,” he added.

“We hope, of course, that everything will be normal, that everything will be resolved, but always, always with respect. Always working in responsibility and always in solidarity and always in the interest of national, European, and global football,” he concluded.

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