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Ceferin and Johnson denounced Super League

Ceferin and Johnson denounced European Super League

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Ceferin and Johnson denounced Super League

UEFA President Alexander Ceferin and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson have criticized European Super League. Alexander Ceferin thanked Infantino for his support of the European Congress. On Monday, Ceferin told CNN Sport that the new “shameless” plan is like taking a “football hostage”.

UEFA has voted to approve an expanded and restructured Champions League tournament, which is expected to prevent separatist clubs from forming a new competition. Ceferin said he was convinced last week that UEFA’s new plans would suffice and was surprised to hear Sunday’s announcement.

Ceferin said, “I’ve been a criminal lawyer for years and I’ve represented many difficult people, but I’ve never seen anything like it. Ethics does not exist in the group. It’s hard for me to call it a Super League because it’s so good.”

UEFA is currently seeking legal advice on a possible ban on 12 clubs in domestic and European competitions. The English Prime Minister held a meeting with the clubs on Tuesday, without the six teams signing for ESL.

Ahead of that meeting, Everton released a new format criticizing Liverpool, Arsenal, Manchester United, Manchester City, Chelsea, and Tottenham.

A statement from the club’s board of directors said, “Everton are unhappy and disappointed at the separatist league’s proposals put forward by the six clubs.”

“Six clubs that operate solely in their own interest. Six clubs that tarnish the reputation of our league and sport. Six clubs who do not want to honor any other club sitting around the table in the Premier League. Even the betrayal of most football fans in our country and beyond.”

“In this time of national and international crisis – and a defining period for our sport – clubs must work closely with the ideals of our sport and its supporters. Instead, these clubs secretly conspired to break away from a football pyramid that served them so well.”

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has publicly denounced ESL in its current form and said on Tuesday that his government was looking for ways to stop it. Johnson and Culture Secretary Oliver Dowden met with representatives of the English Football Association in the Premier League and a group of fans to discuss the new plans.

“He [Johnson] Downing Street said in a statement,” He expressed solidarity with football fans and agreed that any decision on the future of the game should always be at the center.”

“He reiterated his unwavering support for football officials and confirmed that he had the full support of the government to require any action to end these plans. It is clear that no action is being taken and the government is exploring all possibilities, including legislative options, to ensure that these proposals are stopped.”

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