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Carrick interacted with press after taking over Solskjaer

Carrick interacted with press after taking over Solskjaer

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Carrick interacted with press after taking over Solskjaer

Manchester United interim coach Michael Carrick has reacted to his appointment following the dismissal of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer. Ahead of the Champions League 5th round clash against Villarreal, Carrick interacted with the press for the first time as Manchester United temporary coach. As per recent football news, Solskjaer left the Old Trafford job after three years of being in charge and with his departure, Carrick has taken over the squad.

In a conversation with media Carrick said,  “It’s an emotional time for everyone at the club, I worked with Ole for three years and I’ve known him for a lot longer. To see him lose his job was tough for me and a lot of people at the club. We understand results mean everything. I want to say a massive thank you. I learned an awful lot. It was a sad day and I wish Ole all the best,” according to BBC reports.

“In terms of what I’ve been told, my mindset is I’m preparing the team for tomorrow night and I’ll give it my best. This club has been my life for an awful long time now. I’m not too sure [how long it will be for] but that’s not on my mind right now. It’s a big game for us. I will go about my job as I know, trust myself and my staff, the players and look forward to the game”, – he added to his statement.

“It’s a challenge, of course, it is. The initial reaction yesterday, coming to terms with the situation, but quite quickly you have to focus. There’s a responsibility here. I don’t take that lightly in any way. I’m just throwing myself into doing everything I can. Of course, it’s a limited time but it’s a challenge I’m relishing at the moment”, – Carrick concluded.

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