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Arsene Wenger advocates biennial World Cup

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Arsene Wenger advocates biennial World Cup

Arsene Wenger advocates biennial World Cup

Former Arsenal manager and now FIFA’s Head of Football Development Arsene Wenger has claimed that the idea of holding the World Cup is beneficial for the players. FIFA’s Chief of Football Development Arsene Wenger advocates his position to hold the biennial World Cup again.

“The reform that I am proposing relates to the international calendar. What I am proposing is to reduce the number of qualification matches, to regroup and make space for an international competition at the end of the season. This would allow for real separation between club and international football.”

He also provided an example for better explanation: “we are in the international break and there are South Americans who cannot play for PSG this weekend. I find it very illogical. I consulted everyone asking just two questions. 1 – Do you want things to continue as they are and the answer was “No”. 2 – Do you have any ideas on reorganizing? And there a lot of people who want to shorten the qualifying rounds, to make space for the international competition.”

“A World Cup every 4 years seems natural for us and there is something emotional about it. We got used to it but we need to change something. I am open to all suggestions and criticism. This is not a personal fight for me. The only thing I ask is that people who criticize the idea would tell me why”, – the Frenchman told L’Equipe, Eurosport France reports.

“I believe that the players want to play big games. What they don’t want is to play small games. And the big competition is something that everybody wants to play.

If I tell you now you will the world champion, even it’s for 10 minutes, you would say ‘Yes’.”

“Today if a country doesn’t go to the World Cup, they will have to wait for 8 years.

If a player is injured, he will miss the World Cup. I just believe it’s a reshaping of you mind because it’s unusual but the perception of time has also changed. The younger generation wants to be entertained much more”, – the Frenchman told Sky Sports.

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