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EPL English Premier LeagueEPL Transfer NewsInter is hoping to achieve something incredible

Inter is hoping to achieve something incredible

Inter is still looking for the Scudetto claimed Antonio Conte, insisting that his side hopes “to achieve something extraordinary” in Serie A.

“We had no choice but to win this evening so that we could close the gap to six points.” head coach Conte said at a news conference

“We’re fueling the hope that we can achieve something incredible. It’s true that we could have sealed it earlier by making more of our opportunities, but instead, at the first Samp attempt, we admitted and got a little anxious. It was a good performance, anyway.”

“I repeat, it’s not a fitness topic, but when we have opportunities to score and don’t take them, which also happened in Coppa Italia with Napoli, all it takes is a lucky ricochet, and it’s all up for grabs again.”

“I hope these games will help us understand that we have to kill the opponent – in a sporting sense – and kill the game when we have a chance.”

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