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I am not here to fight a moral, social, or racial war said Balde on volunteering seasonal workers

Former Lazio and Inter striker Keita Balde had to jockey to find a hotel in Spain that would serve 200 seasonal workers, even though he paid for their food and lodgings.

The forward shared his dissatisfaction with the Senegalese workers being forced to sleep on cardboard in the streets. He is currently playing for Monaco.

He was also unable to locate a hotel in Lleida willing to open its doors, with 13 turning it down, inspire of promising to pay for their food and lodgings.

He revealed today that he will manage a hotel that would have rooms for 90 of the 200 employees, via Instagram.

“I offered myself as a volunteer to help them, seeing as they had nothing and were sleeping on cardboard,” he said in a video.

“I am not here to fight a moral, social, or racial war. I just sent the necessary money for them to have a roof over their heads, food to eat, and some clean clothes.”

Keita’s family comes from Senegal, and plays his African country international football but the 25-year-old forward born and raised in Spain.

He came back in 2018-19 at Inter on loan from Monaco before spending much of his career with Lazio in Italy from 2011-17.

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