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World CupHummel revised branding for Denmark World Cup Kit

Hummel revised branding for Denmark World Cup Kit

Hummel, the manufacturer of the World Cup kit has revised branding for the World Cup kit for Denmark in protest of Qatar.

Hummel said, “We are sending dual messages by our slightly toned down world kit for the Danish team as we want the world to know our protest. These kits have the inspiration from Euro 92 that not only pays the tribute in the history of football to Denmark’s success but also this is a protest against Qatar’s human rights record.”

“We are supporting our favorite team and not showing support to Qatar as a national host. We believe in showing that sports brings all the different people together as one and not we are saying, we are trying to prove a point.

It appeared that Denmark honored migrant workers who lost their lives in the construction work for the tournament. Hence the design for the kit indicates that they are firm on their promise to show a message at the tournament hosted in Qatar.

Danish federation also joined hands with a European campaign which was announced last week. This campaign will make the captains wear heart-shaped love armbands at World Cup Tournaments.

Acting in response to the Danish Hummel World Cup Kit, a supreme committee of Qatar responded, “As we won the rights to host the World Cup in Qatar, we are looking forward to maintaining an everlasting social legacy through the tournaments.”

“FIFA World Cup Stadium was built by more than 30000 workers.”

We completely disagree with the statements made by Hummel. These insignificant claims for the fact that we do not commit to the safety and health of these workers are incorrect. We have offered our contribution and commitment to expanding towards more than 150000 workers in part of this tournament.

“This way, totally avoiding the stated fact by Hummel that this tournament has cost thousands of lives.”

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Salman Shaikh
Salman Shaikhhttps://goalmaestro.com/
Football reporter, breaking the latest news and delivering the top stories in the football world.

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