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EPL English Premier LeagueEPL Transfer News“Georgio Chiellini is always getting a conflict with me”- Felipe Melo

“Georgio Chiellini is always getting a conflict with me”- Felipe Melo

Following the criticism of the Juventus star in his latest book Felipe Melo reached Georgio Chiellini again.

In his profile, the Italian hit out at Mario Balotelli and Melo, claiming that the former Inter midfielder was “the worst of the horrible” and named him a “rotten apple” and “disrespectful.”

“When the two met, Chiellini “pissed himself with fear.” said Melo in response.

Balotelli has also buried the hatchet after the two debated the topic on Italian TV like his former Italy team-mate.

But Melo is in no rush to finish the fight with the Juventus star as he claimed that the reason for their conflict with each other is a headbutt many years ago.

Melo said live on Instagram, “He’s always getting a conflict with me, since when we played against Siena, I headbutted him.” 

“Since then I haven’t talked to him and he’s been writing this novel. I always said what I needed to say. A thousand things happened at Juve and I could write about a thousand novels, far more significant stuff than this.”

“Chiellini never excused me, but that’s okay, as long as he takes responsibility for what he said. He was clearly stirring up this controversy to promote his novel.”

“He would have followed the example given by the great Javier Zanetti who in his book never even talked about Juve. Beyond that, while people are suffering now, it is not exactly a good moment to publish a book.”

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