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EPL English Premier LeagueEPL Transfer NewsFootball season could be still on hold amid Coronavirus pandemic

Football season could be still on hold amid Coronavirus pandemic

Football season to restart amid coronavirus pandemic but according to the Mirror, the Premier League sportsman could ask for a halt to restarting the season or may overrule the whole thing.

Teams will have a talk with their players over the next 48 hours to assess views about how they’ll move on with the latest plans to restart the initiative.

The Professional Footballers’ Association and League Managers’ Association is also to be contacted and it is the result of such negotiations that will decide how the Premier League thinks they should move ahead.

The player welfare subject will become the main problem as Mirror Sport reports that last Friday it was a significant subject of debate at the Premier League conference.

The main risk is that whether a family member is infected, as player contracts contain no provisions and about a force major that has compromised them. Football clubs are unlikely to be compensated.

Despite being mostly optimistic in the media they are going to restart games and Sergio Aguero and Glenn Murray have already spilled the beans on their likes and Medics aren’t persuaded, teams.

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