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EPL English Premier LeagueEPL Transfer NewsFerguson sent an appreciation letter to Dalglish

Ferguson sent an appreciation letter to Dalglish

The Guardian claims that after Liverpool secured their first Premier League title, Kenny Dalglish has received a letter of appreciation from Sir Alex Ferguson.

The best achievement at Manchester United was to knock Liverpool off their perch, claimed Ferguson. He was gracious enough to mark Liverpool’s return to the summit, wishing his former rival well.

“He contacted us to say congratulations by the modern medium,” Dalglish said. “You go through the older generation – Fergie at Manchester United, Brian Kidd, Mike Summerbee; all the old foes who went through football at the same time as us – and at the end of the year you sent a letter of congratulations to say well done. That continues through.”

“It is a great compliment. You are in competition and rivals but you are magnanimous enough to send a letter saying congratulations. Everyone is in the same game, aren’t they?”

Captain’s influence Jordan Henderson received a tribute from the former manager of Liverpool. In 2011 when Liverpool signed Henderson from Sunderland, for the second time Dalglish was Manager and said: “I saw someone in that role that was better than what we had at the time. So he was very calm when you get into the talks and his dad came with him, which was a positive sign for me.

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