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Fantasy sports are played online. Participants make their virtual team with the real players of a professional sport. The acts of the players are based on their statistical performances in the real sport or game they played. These games allow the participants to show their talent and knowledge in the game and have fun equally. Not only that, most of the games allows you to earn a certain amount of money based on the game pattern and playing skills.

Fantasy sport platforms games are in existence for the last two decades but they have grown in the last two years phenomenally in India. As we all are aware due to this pandemic and lockdown, people were at home and then these games took a boom.

Fantasy football is the most popular and widely played fantasy sport, with roughly 8 million users and growing. Many people play in their own private fantasy leagues, but the Premier League operates its own official Fantasy Premier League platform which boasts 8 million users and growing.

It is noticed that Indians love to play fantasy cricket more than regular gully cricket and that’s the reason fantasy gaming is literally blossoming in India. As soon as the Indian Premier League or Indian Super League starts, several fantasy cricket ads and Fantasy football ads flood your TV screen. With the increasing use of smartphones, most people are taking part in online games. Also, there are cash rewards that attract people.

The Indian sports were merely restricted to passive entertainment from the bounds of a living room but the emergence of fantasy sports in India enabled the fans and audience to unite and consume their favorite sport as active participants. Fantasy sports games platforms have been in existence since the last two decades but they have recently become popular over the internet especially in the phase of pandemic.

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