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Other StoriesBrazilian Football Fans Abandons The Yellow Jersey

Brazilian Football Fans Abandons The Yellow Jersey

As the coronavirus spreads, subsidies and limitations are relaxed, and the country gets into the World Cup spirit. Higor Ramalho, an avid Brazilian football fan, plans to resume his routine visits to football grounds. But since June 2018, the renowned yellow jersey used by the Brazilian national team has been hanging in his closet. He wore it the last time on his birthday. He is unsure of if or when he will ever wear it again.

According to the 33-year-old wearing, the yellow jersey was a moment of pride for him. He says, “It represented victory. I used to wear it throughout the day, not just when I watched games. I no longer wear it due to political considerations. The current president and his followers turned the yellow jersey into a symbol of their political party. And since I disagree with their political viewpoints, I won’t be mistaken for one of them. “

Brazilian Football Fans Abandons The Yellow Jersey

The “canarinho jersey,” a yellow jersey, has not always been used by the Brazil national team. Three years after losing to Uruguay in the World Cup final in the Maracana, it was created in 1953. The national team’s uniform at the time was white.

The national football regulatory body and a newspaper held a competition to create a new uniform for the national team. The only requirement was that the new uniform must use the colors of the Brazilian flag because the existing one does not convey “the notion of Brazilian nationalism.”

There were more than 300 entries. Aldyr Garcia Schlee, a Brazilian who was born close to the Uruguayan border and felt conflicted by the 1950 decision, submitted the winning entry.

After many years had passed, including a record five football World Cup victories and two Copa America victories, the yellow jersey had come to represent hope, good fortune, and fan solidarity.

The number 10 that Pele wore during his mesmerizing years on the field, the number 9 that Ronaldo wore when he won the World Cup, and the number 11 that Romario wore during his brilliant World Cup 1994 run all became a part of Brazil’s prosperous history on the field.

But many of the shirt’s supporters gave up once it was used in political campaigns, most recently by President Jair Bolsonaro and his right-wing backers before his victory in the 2018 election.

What is your take on Brazilian football fans abandoning the yellow jersey?


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