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EPL English Premier LeagueEPL Transfer NewsBerbatov: United doesn’t need Coutinho right now

Berbatov: United doesn’t need Coutinho right now

After leaving Merseyside, Coutinho has flopped for Catalunya and Dimitar Berbatov sees no purpose to pull the Red Devils into a trade fight for him. 

The former United striker said to Betfair: “Many Premier League clubs have been linked to him, Arsenal, Chelsea, Newcastle, and even Manchester United, but often the easy option is not always the correct one.”

“Some media would see him connected to a transfer to United and find out his links with Liverpool and how he will never be accepted if he moved to Old Trafford, but frankly United doesn’t need him right now.”

“Bruno Fernandes is a very similar player. He really hit the running ground and looks like a very promising signing so I don’t think there would be any point in having him signed by United.”

“Pogba is going back, Fernandes is there, McTominay is already playing excellent football, they have sufficient talent in there to render it unnecessary to recruit Coutinho.”

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