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EPL English Premier LeagueEPL Transfer NewsAn LGBT+ group lodged a lawsuit against Neymar

An LGBT+ group lodged a lawsuit against Neymar

Neymar named his mother’s boyfriend Tiago Ramos as ‘viadinho,’ which is an offensive Portuguese word used to refer to homosexuals in Brazil.

It was rumored that Ramos and Neymar’s mother had broken up, but 

It seems as Ramos and Neymar’s mother are still in a relationship, while earlier there were rumors that they broke up.

Followed an accident that Ramos was cut by glass in his apartment, he was taken by an ambulance to the hospital.

The audio was shared on Twitch and later Leo Dias published it on Metropoles, where Neymar is heard insulting the 23-year-old and asking his friend to stick his ass up with a broomstick.

Neymar ended up in trouble as an LGBT+ group filed a complaint against for using the derogatory word ‘viadinho’ (f*g) to refer to Ramos.

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