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13 Tottenham players and members tested coronavirus positive

UEFA Championship

13 Tottenham players and members tested coronavirus positive

13 Tottenham players and members tested coronavirus positive

Giving a piece of big information on Wednesday, Antonio Conte, manager of English Premier League (EPL) team Tottenham Hotspur, said that eight players and five members of the staff have been found positive in the coronavirus test. Describing the situation as dire, Conte said, “People infected with Covid are coming forward every day.”

Tottenham match against Rennes in a Europa Conference League match on Thursday has been shelved due to the COVID-19 outbreak in the London team. According to UEFA rules, a match will be held as long as the club has at least 13 senior players, including at least one goalkeeper. “We’re definitely a little scared because we don’t know what will happen,” Conte said. However, now this match has been cancelled, which Tottenham has given information.

The news of eight Tottenham players and five staff members, a total of 13 people from the club tested positive for COVID-19 has been confirmed by the manager Antonio Conte, who previously coached Inter Milan.

Spurs are due to play Rennes in the Europa Conference league on Thursday, and earlier UEFA said “the match will go as per schedule” but seeing the situation the football match has been withdrawn. Tottenham then plays against Brighton in a Premier League match on Sunday, which is believed to be under review.

Antonio Conte, who took over Spurs on 2nd November, said, “Every day, we have more positive aspects. Everyone is a little scared. People have families. Why [do] we have to take the risk? That’s my point. Today, two positives. And tomorrow, who? Me? I do not know. I’m definitely better than a player, but I don’t think it’s right for everyone. We are in touch with our families.”

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